Data Protection/Privacy Notice


This statement describes how we process personal information provided by you and the rights of the data subjects.

Please take the time to read it carefully. You have many rights in relation to your personal information including the right to access, rectification, deletion and to object to processing of your personal information.

Data protection

Processing of your personal data;

We may process personal details relating to you or your employees or representatives, for the purpose of administration and delivery of goods and services provided to you, and to make contact with you regarding our services. Should we need to engage third parties for the delivery of service, or for administrative or delivery functions, including but not limited to the collection of debt or the transfer of debt to a third party, we may share personal data provided by you with the parties for these purposes.

Where you request the goods or services to be provided outside the EEA (European Economic Area), or to be delivered in conjunction with others outside of the EEA, personal data provided by you may be shared with organisations or state bodies (delivery companies, customs, revenue authorities and etc.) to fulfill this agreement.

You warrant that personal information provided to us by you for the administration and delivery of goods and services being provided under the Agreement has been obtained fairly and lawfully. You also warrant that subjects are aware of the purpose for which their personal data is being used and that such data may be transferred outside of the EEA upon your request, and that the privacy rights of subjects have been upheld.

Data subjects are entitled at any time to make information requests to establish if we hold personal data relating to them, the purpose for which personal data is used and the categories of data. Data subject are also entitled to have access to such data, be informed of who has access to that data, of the source of data if it was not provided directly by the subject in the first instance, the logic of any processing, a copy of comment or opinion relating to such activity, and where processing is automated, to make a submission. There are exceptions to some of these entitlements and a fee may apply in certain circumstances.

Data provided to us may be processed on servers (e-mail, backup, operational applications and other web based software applications used by us), or on the servers of our suppliers or partners that do not reside within the European Economic Area EEA and that have not had an adequacy decision by the commission. Where this occurs we shall, to the best of our ability, inform you of this processing.

In addition to contact details, we may also hold;

a)      credit reports received from third parties for the purpose of credit review.

b)      Information provided by individuals while exercising their rights to access, rectify or erase your data, or to object or complain. This information is retained for the purposes of compliance record keeping and may be used in the event of further legal interaction between the individual and us.

c)      cctv images of personnel who visit our premises. These recordings are made for the purposes of safety and security

Personal data provided for the operation of your agreement with us will be retained for one year subsequent to the completion of the agreement, or our last communication with you. Some data may be held for longer periods as required by law, or in the event of a possible legal action between the parties where it is deemed necessary to be retained as evidence.

To ensure fair and transparent processing of any such personal data provided by you to us under this agreement we respect the rights of the data subjects. These rights include;

a)      Where information is collected directly from the subject, to be informed of the controller and representative (listed above), the purpose of processing, who will have access, the retention duration for the data, the consequences of not providing the data, and

b)      Where data was not provided by the subject, we will identify the source of that data together with data categories.

c)      To be informed if a failure to provide the personal data will have any direct and material personal consequences

d)      Information on whether we have Personal Data relating to a subject, the categories of data and the purpose of processing

e)      Access your personal data. Where the format is not reasonably understood, this shall be delivered in an intelligible format

f)       Have inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date personal data that we hold about you corrected, or deleted

g)      make a submissions to any automated decisions making processes or profiling of you.

h)      Transfer your data to another controller

i)       Have your personal data excluded from certain categories of processing.

j)       Lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Commissioner. Contact details for the DPC can be found at

You may communicate with our Data Protection Representative by writing to our registered address, or e-mailing to