About Us

What makes us different?

IPS Packaging have secured a reputation for service and quality by delivering the highest quality packaging solutions to our customers. Our highly knowledgeable sales team are on hand to advise and guide our customers when it comes to their packaging needs.


  • Sourcing – IPS Packaging have a large - range of stock available in all shapes and sizes, our wide variety allows us to cater to all industries. However if we do not have it in stock, we will work with our manufacturing partners to source the most cost effective solution for you.
  • Made to Order & Branding – For customers looking to build their brand, we can help you create a packaging solution which will boost your brand recognition. We can have your brands printed on any of our stock sizes. However if our stock items are not quite the right fit we can find you a solution with made to order sizes to create a bespoke product.
  • Warehousing – In order to provide the best turnaround time for our customers we hold a large range of stock items in our warehouse typically available for next day delivery. We can also offer a call off service where we can hold stock in our warehouse for customers to order from their own stock sheet.


  • Biodegradable Packaging – Eco friendly alternative to regular polythene, biodegradable packaging includes compostable and bio-additive packaging.
  • Compostable Packaging – Made from renewable plant based bioplastics, this packaging disintegrates into environmentally benign materials in 10-12 weeks in industrial composting conditions.
  • Bio-additive Packaging – Polythene packaging containing an additive that accelerates degradation, causing products to break down into small fragments before biodegrading into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.
  • Recycled Packaging – Products made entirely or in part from recycled material, to reduce impact on the environment.
  • Recyclable Packaging – Packaging made from recyclable material, meaning that it can be recycled after use and converted into a new product of the same material, thereby helping to reduce waste and lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Virgin Grade – Plastic resin that has been newly created without any recycled materials. This type of plastic is produced in order to create brand new plastic products.